Cardano (ADA) price rise doesn't stop: ADA coin dethroned XRP

Cardano (ADA),passed XRP!


Charles Hoskinson's project Cardano (ADA) literally made history by surpassing XRP, the fourth largest cryptocurrency by total market capitalization. Cardano was not even likely to surpass XRP before 2020, and XRP, which at the time was the third largest cryptocurrency in the industry, now ranks fifth.

ADA Coin continues to rise

ADA Coin has a unit price of $ 0.66 as of the time of writing this article. The island, which has risen 22% in the last 24 hours, has also increased its total market value to over $ 21 billion. XRP, which recently gained bullish momentum, ranks fifth with a unit price of $ 0.43 and a total market capitalization of $ 19.980 billion. In the cryptocurrency sector, Ada has never been seen to pass XRP before, and there is a big “flippening” going on right now.

Among the main factors affecting the rise in the price of Cardano are the Ouroboros update and The Mary hard fork. The news that the Mary hard fork was successfully activated on the Test network brought a serious rise in price. In addition, after Shelley, the Cardano developer team, which is moving unabated towards Ouroboros daylight, is also contributing to the price.

Cardano In Focus Of Criticism

As the price of Cardano rose incredibly, criticism of it began to harden. James Spediacci, an important figure in the Ethereum ecosystem, stressed that Cardano is a central network. Stating that Hoskinson was fired from the Ethereum project by Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin, Spediacci criticized Cardano and Hoskinson. Hoskinson stressed that this was” the interpretation of Ethereum maximalists who were jealous of it as Cardano rose."

For whatever reason, the transition of XRP to the island for the first time in its history marks a significant change. In order for ADA to compete with ETH in the continuation of this, she must leave Tether behind.

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