Key Developments Of The Week: What Are Cryptocurrencies Waiting For Next Week?

Key Developments Of The Week: What Are Cryptocurrencies Waiting For Next Week?


In the coming week, what cryptocurrencies are waiting for and how they will be formed is a matter of great curiosity. 

Last week, the price of the leading cryptocurrency moved in the $ 60,400 to $ 53,700 band, and we can say that the week has been quite volatile for cryptocurrencies. This week, with the developments in the market, it is curious how Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies will draw charts. Let's take a look at next week's major developments and the price expectations of cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin Price and expectations

Bitcoin (BTC) started the week at $ 57,500. The weekly starting price for BTC, which fell to $ 53,700 last week, is thought to be quite positive.

However, the United States has implemented a new stimulus package, and assistance checks will be distributed to citizens accordingly. Many experts believe that these charity checks will also be used to buy Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in the coming days. Because there was evidence that first aid checks were used to buy BTC.

In addition, according to statements made by Fed Chairman Jerome Powell last week, there is still a long way to go for economic recovery, which is interpreted as the dollar will depreciate in the coming days. The depreciation of the dollar makes BTC gain strength. So Bitcoin may continue to gain strength against the dollar for some time to come.

Key Developments Of The Week

There are two important developments expected this week: Sakeswap to be launched in Binance Smart chain and CRO token Mainnet will be launched on its chain.

SakeSwap will launch this Wednesday on Binance Smart chain (BSc),an alternative blockchain platform operated by the Binance exchange. Which is also a platform focused on providing onramp services to connect traditional currencies and cryptocurrencies, it will launch a new Blockchain platform this Thursday. Along with this new platform a noticeable increase in the price of the CRO, which is the token of the un, is expected.

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