The world's largest Bitcoin (BTC) conference will be held in this city

The world's largest Bitcoin (BTC) conference will be held in this city


Miami Mayor Francis Suarez is making major initiatives to promote Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrencies in the city. Suarez was successful in persuading the organizers of the Bitcoin 2021 conference, which would normally be held in Los Angles, to move the organization to Miami.

The world's largest Bitcoin Conference is scheduled to take place June 3-5 at the city's popular Mana Wynwood Convention Center. Entrepreneur Moshi Mana, who owns this convention center, said::

"As Miami, our vision of a global technology center is becoming more and more real every day. From technology to international finance to Entertainment and commerce, We are excited to support such an event that combines the best Miami has to offer and advances our mission. ”

Some of the best-known celebrities from the world of Bitcoin and technology will attend the event as keynote speakers. Names such as Microstrategy CEO Michael Saylor, Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey and Bitcoin enthusiast Chamath Palihapitiya will also appear at the conference.

Speaking to local newspaper The Miami Herald, organizers of the conference said the Covid-19 quarantine in Los Angeles and the Miami Mayor's initiatives were the reasons behind the city change. So far, 2,000 tickets have been sold for the Bitcoin 2021 conference. It aims to bring more than 6 thousand participants to the organization.

Miami Set To Become Bitcoin Hub

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez has been working intensively over the past few months to make Miami a hub for Bitcoin and crypto innovation, Suarez told The New York Times, adding that the city could now be a hub for changing its “tourism ” image.:

"Miami will always strive to be one step ahead. Boosting Miamians ' financial freedom is the first step toward our modern economy ”

Suarez's efforts during the epidemic periods helped several tech companies relocate to the city.

Last month, the mayor of Miami noted that attempts had been made to invest the city's Treasury in Bitcoin and pay employees ' salaries with BTC.

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